Nasr (in Arabic), the Khurramite (q.v.) general of Persian or Kurdish descent who fled to Byzantine territory in 834 after suffering a defeat at the hands of Mamun (q.v.) the year previous. Theophilos (q.v.) created a Khurramite cavalry tagma stationed at Sinope (qq.v.), which Theopobos commanded. He converted to Christianity and married either a sister of Theophilos or of Theodora (q.v.). He campaigned with the emperor (q.v.) in 837, and in 838, where he saved the emperor's life at the battle of Dazimon (q.v.). However, in the aftermath of Theophilos's disastrous defeats of 838, Theophobos was accused by his enemies of plotting to overthrow the emperor. Fearing for his life, Theophobos fled to Amastris (q.v.) where his troops proclaimed him emperor. Faced with a major rebellion, Theophilos negotiated a peaceful solution that pardoned Theophobos and dispersed the Khurramite troops throughout the themes (q.v.), making them much less of a threat. The threat of any future Khurramite rebellion was further dampened by Theophobos's execution, ordered by Petronas and Theoktistos (qq.v.) as Theophilos lay on his death bed.

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